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Tubal And Pelvic Problems

Tubal And Pelvic Problems | Birmingham Fertility CentreThe fallopian tubes play an important role in normal conception with functions of  egg pickup, transport of sperm, creating the right environment for fertilisation of the egg, and growth and development of the early embryo. These functions may be affected by tubal damage or block. The reasons for tubal damage include scarring or adhesions from previous pelvic surgery or infections such as pelvic inflammatory disease or chlamydial infection. Pelvic endometriosis can cause structural damage to the tube by scarring or alter tubal function. Previous sterilisation is an obvious cause of tubal blockage.

Pelvic endometriosis can play a significant role in delaying pregnancy and the degree of endometriosis is an important consideration in discussing the best treatment options. Other pelvic factors include problems with the uterus such uterine septum, or polyps.

Fibroids can be diagnosed and may need to be removed to improve chances of conception depending on size and location

An ultrasound examination will usually confirm the shape of your uterus and detect the presence of polyps, ovarian cysts, or fibroids.  Tests to check the patency of the Fallopian tubes include a simple X Ray called HSG, or HycoSYor a surgical procedure called laparoscopy and dye tests.  Minor tubal adhesions or blockage may be corrected by laparoscopic or open surgery, but most often the treatment option includes IVF. Very damaged tubes called hydrosalpinges may be removed prior to proceeding with IVF treatment.