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Gonadotrophin Ovulation Induction

Gonadotrophin Ovulation Induction | Birmingham Fertility CentreIf irregular or absent ovulation is diagnosed, and first line medication such as Clomiphene has been unsuccessful, then we may recommend ovulation induction with Gonadotrophins taking other factors such as age , associated male problems, into account. This may be recommended as first line treatment in some causes of suppressed ovulation called hypogonadotrophic hypogonadism.

Gonadotrophins are homone preparations available as injections which can be self administered, under supervision of a fertility specialist .The treatment commences on day 2 or day 3 of the menstrual cycle , when the hormone injection will be started as a daily injection . Transvaginal Ultrasound scans will be done at regular intervals to monitor response and adjust the dose of drug if necessary. When a dominat follicle (see understanding your fertility section) develops, ovulation is triggered by a second injection called Hcg. Timed intercourse is then advised 36 hurs after the Hcg injection. If conception fails to occur, there will be a period like bleed around 14 days after ovulation. The cycle may be repeated up to 3 or 6 cycles depending on response and other fctors.

If there is an over response with 3 or more follicles becomining mature, the cycle will be abandomed because of high risk of higher order multiple pregnancy.

The treatment is well tolerated, though twin pregnancy rate of 10% is quoted.